A1/A2 Cable Glands

A1A2 Cable Glands

A1/A2 Cable Glands

Flare Electricals range of A1/A2 Cable Glands are manufactured from high quality brass. These are used for unarmored cables, rubber or plastic sheathed cables. Larger sizes are made by sand casting technique while smaller sizes are made from extruded rods.  A superior quality rubber gasket is used inside the gland to act as sealing material and also to help in weather protection.  The gland comes in kit with earth tag and a shroud.  Shroud is provided for additional ingress protection.

Flare Electricals range of Cable Glands come in size 20 to 75.

A1/A2 cable gland table

Technical Data: of A1/A2 Cable Glands

  • Standard: As per BS 6121 Part I 1989
  • Material: High quality brass
  • Inner Gasket: Thermoplastic elastomeric rubber gasket
  • Use: Unarmored cables, rubber or plastic sheathed cables