Lightning Protection Accessories

lightning protection

Lightning Protection Accessories


Tapered Air Rod for lightning protection

Tapered Air Rod

Tapered air rods are made of pure copper and is part of termination in a lightning protection system. Air rods are locked tight against conductor by using the nuts supplied along with.

Tapered Air Rod Chart


for multipointlightning protection







Multipoint is fixed atop the tapered air rod terminal.



Air Terminal Base for lightning protection

air terminal base

Air rod base is used to support air rods on flat roof surfaces. Air rod base is made from copper alloy.

Air Terminal Base

Air Rod Ridge Saddle

air rod ridge saddle

Air Rod Ridge Saddle Chart

Air Rod Bracket for lightning protection

air rod brackets

Flare Electricals Air Rod Brackets are used to hold air rods in a lightning protection system to the side of the buildings where it is not possible to install flat air terminal base.  These air rod brackets are made of gunmetal.

Air Rod Bracket Chart


DC Tape Clips f

DC clip

Flare Electricals DC tape clips are used to hold flat conductor onto the surface of building.  These DC tape clips are made of gunmetal or brass.

DC Tape Clip Chart

Copper Tape Clip

copper tape clip

Flare Electricals Copper tape clips are used to hold the conductor onto building surface.  It consists of a top and bottom plate and two screws at both sides.  These copper tape clips are made from pure copper.

Copper Tape Clip Chart

Square Tape Clamps

square tape clamp

Flare Electricals Square tape clamps are used for making straight through, cross, and Tee joints in flat tape. The base has a countersunk hole in the middle for securing the clamp to the building surface and the lid is fixed by means of four screws. Square tape clamps are made from copper alloy.

Square Tape Clamp Chart

Oblong Test Clamp

oblong test clamp

Flare Electricals Oblong test clamps are used for joining range of tape sizes in straight through position. These clamps are also used for temporarily disconnecting the earthing or lightning system for inspection and testing needs.   The conductors are fixed using the two set screws provided in the test clamp.  These clamps are made of brass or gunmetal.

Oblong Test Clamp Chart

Heavy Duty Cable Saddle

heavy duty cable saddle

Flare Electricals Cable saddles are used for holding the copper conductor and earth conductor onto the wall.  The saddle is fixed on the wall while the copper conductor passes through the clip.  The clip is fixed on the saddle using screws on both sides.  Cable Saddles are made of brass or gunmetal.

Heavy Duty Cable Saddle